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Photoluminescent 4 Point Fire Action Sign - Operate Nearest Fire Alarm

  • Photoluminescent 4 Point Fire Action Sign - Operate Nearest Fire Alarm
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Our Photoluminescent General Fire Action Sign 6 is a practical addition to your workplace. Using easily recognisable images and bright colours, you'll pass on vital information to employees, customers and visitors alike. This specific design provides clear direction on what to do in the event of a fire.

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This sign has been manufactured using either a photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl or 1.2mm rigid plastic. During the day, this specialist material charges using daylight - either natural or artificial. This means that, in the event of a fire, it will illuminate. Individuals are then better able to read and understand the directions being given, helping them evacuate during an emergency.

These signs are an essential addition to your workplace and should be placed next to each entry and exit door. It directs people to operate the nearest fire alarm, learn the building, report to the person in charge and to never re-enter the building until authorised to do so. All of this information is accompanied by recognisable images and bold, block font.

All of our signs are finished with rounded corners. This helps to minimise the risk of injury during installation. Where applicable, they comply with current legislation including EN ISO 7010:2012. When placed appropriately, our signs ensure you are giving the right information to the right people and minimising the risk of misunderstanding. If you have any questions about this sign or any in our online range, contact our sales team online here today.

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