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Here at Lasting Impressions, we pride ourselves in being leading experts in our field. With over 40 years of experience in the sign making industry, we have been manufacturing safety signs for clients all across the United Kingdom. Throughout the process, our teams have become experts in the legal requirements, compliance, and designs needed by modern businesses. On a regular basis, we receive numerous emails and calls requesting information to guarantee that the client’s businesses are following all expected steps.

That's why we've created the Guide section of our website. Delving into common questions including 'What are the current Fire Safety Sign requirements?' and 'Do I need CCTV signs in my workplace?', we take a detailed look into the issues you're facing daily. All of the information included here is current and up-to-date, providing as a one-stop-shop for the busy working individual. Our goal is to help you find the information you're looking for straight away, without fuss, and support you in finding the right signage for your needs. We understand the modern business is ever evolving and full of specifications. That's where our guides aim to bridge the gap - clearly explaining your responsibilities and the best ways to ensure your business is legally compliant at all times.

Read through our guides here today. If you have any specific questions or would like us to create a guide to answer the question you find yourself asking again and again, get in touch. We want to ensure this section is entirely relevant to modern business owners and to give you the confidence in choosing the right sign, the first time and every time.

Where Can I Buy the Health and Safety Law Poster?

Delve into the essentiality of the Health and Safety Law Poster for UK businesses, understanding its legal obligations and pivotal role in workplace safety. Lasting Impressions is your trusted source for compliant and quality safety signage solutions.

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A Guide To Safe Condition Signs

Safe condition signs provide clear guidance to prevent accident, injury and hazards. Read all you need to know about these versatile signs in our online guide here today.

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