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Multi Lingual Fire Action Sign 3

  • Multi Lingual Fire Action Sign 3
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This multilingual fire action sign three provides clear directions to visitors, guests and employees in French, German and English. This sign will direct people to safety in the event of a fire and is available in different sizes and materials to suit your premise. The clear writing and eye-catching colours will draw attention to this sign.

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In the event of a fire, this multilingual fire safety sign three will provide instructions to anyone who discovers a fire and inform them how they can safely react.

German, English and French translations are present on this multilingual fire safety sign three, which will inform visitors, guests and employees about the actions they need to take if they discover a fire. This fire safety sign features five prominent instructions that revolve around locating the nearest fire alarm point. The fire brigade will also be called automatically, and then you must leave the building and report to the assembly point.

This fire safety sign features a space where you can add the location of the assembly point. Along with potentially lifesaving instructions includes a note of what not to do in the case of a fire.

You can select the size of this fire safety sign as we have two available, including 150mm x 200mm and 200mm x 300mm. We also have two material options available, which includes self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic. Our safety signs follow strict current legislations, including BS EN7010.

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