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Caravan Park Fire Action Sign with Fire Point / Assembly Point

  • Caravan Park Fire Action Sign with Fire Point / Assembly Point
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You can improve the safety of your caravan park with the implementation of strategically placed caravan park fire action signs, which will inform guests of measures they need to take to reach safety. These signs are reliable, durable and informative, which is needed in the event of a fire.

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A carefully placed fire safety sign could be the difference between life and death, which is why you must have a clear plan and signs in place. The red, blue, green and white colours add to the visibility and readability of this sign. Each section is spaced out and can be read easily.

The top of this caravan park sign is red, with the words' fire point' clearly designed in white to stand out against the background. Each section has white lettering, which stands out against the bright background.

This fire action sign provides clear instructions to visitors, employees and more about the actions they need to take in the case of a fire. The fire action sign includes step by step instructions, including raising the alarm, ensuring the caravan or building is evacuated and calling the fire brigade. There is also space on the sign to add certain details, such as the telephone number of the nearest fire brigade and where the assembly point is located.

You can select the size option you need, as we have three sizes available, including 150mm x 200mm, 200mm x 300mm and 300mm x 400mm. We also have three material options to choose from, including self-adhesive vinyl, 1mm rigid plastic and 2mm heavy duty plastic.

If you cannot find the fire safety sign you require, you can contact a member of our sales team today.

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