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Fire Exit Arrow Up Right Sign (Portrait)

  • Fire Exit Arrow Up Right Sign (Portrait)
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This fire exit arrow up right plastic sign will help you plot out your exit route during emergencies. This durable, sturdy and reliable sign was made to help direct people in the right direction. This sign should be used alongside other similar fire exit signs.

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Fire safety signage is essential in any building as it is a clear and universal understanding message that directs you towards an exit. This portrait fire exit sign features a diagonal arrow that points up and to the right, indicating which direction to go in. The sign also features a running man and the words, ‘fire exit’ in bold white letters, making it easier to read from a distance.

This sign is available in three different sizes including 100mm x 300mm, 150mm x 450mm and 200mm x 600mm. We also have two different materials to choose from, including self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic.

Fire exit signs can save lives at the end of the day, so you need to have them in your building. It would help if you used this sign along with similar fire exit signs to build a clear and easy to understand path to the fire exit.

All our signs have been finished with rounded corners and abide by current legislation.

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