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Photoluminescent Exit For Emergency Use Only Sign (man left)

  • Photoluminescent Exit For Emergency Use Only Sign (man left)
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Safety signage is one of those things in your business that you just can’t do without. They are an essential addition to your health and safety policy. Identifying a safe route of escape during an emergency is crucial. This sign will help direct anyone in your building, even those who are unfamiliar with the layout to a place of safety.

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Safety should be one of your key priorities as a business or building owner. Meet your safety obligations by providing adequate safety signage, giving clear instructions to visitors and staff. This sign has been designed to maximise safety in your building. An exit instructional sign it uses photoluminescent technology which charges during the day and then uses this saved up power to illuminate during poor or low lighting.

That way it’s clearly displayed regardless of the day or night. The convenience and flexibility of our signage mean that you can purchase a bundle of signs to place around your commercial premises, a housing unit or an accommodation block. The sign can be purchased in three different sizes depending on where you would like to display them.

Our smallest which measures, 300mm by 100mm, our medium sign, 450mm by 150mm and the largest 600mm by 200mm. The signs can also be bought as either a rigid plastic material which needs fixing to the wall or as a self-adhesive vinyl. Both options are easy to install and will stay in place once fitted. The sign will also include rounded corners and a design that reflects legislative standards including EN ISO 7010:2012.

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