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Do Not Remove Guards Sign- Rigid Plastic 07443R

  • Do Not Remove Guards Sign- Rigid Plastic 07443R
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"Do Not Remove Guards - Rigid Plastic 07443 R Prohibition" signs are used to show people unauthorised actions or behaviour.

The signs are available in three sizes and are made of self-adhesive vinyl or rigid plastic material of 1 mm thickness. All of our signs have rounded corners and comply with BS EN 7010 regulations.

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Maintaining a safe working environment is critical, and this "Do Not Remove Guards—Rigid Plastic" sign is an excellent addition to any workplace.

This sign is easily visible from a distance due to its bold red letters on a white background. It is made from high-quality, rigid plastic that will withstand the toughest working conditions and remain visible for years to come. Due to its strong adhesive backing, it is easy to attach and will not easily come loose or be removed. Using signs such as this one, teachers emphasise workplace safety by regularly communicating important rules and regulations.

The 07443R sign ensures workplace safety as well as employee convenience. Its horizontal design allows it to be positioned anywhere without taking up much space, and employees needing a reminder of important safety considerations will not have any excuse not to comply with it due to its size and visibility. Through this product, businesses and employees will be able to convey crucial information efficiently, saving both time and effort.

If you want to promote occupational safety professionally without breaking the bank, consider using the "Do Not Remove Guards" (Rigid Plastic) 07443R sign.

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