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Caution Trip Hazard Floor Stand

  • Caution Trip Hazard Floor Stand
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When it comes to safety in the workplace, there are no shortcuts.

That's why businesses rely on products like our "Caution Trip Hazard" floor stands to help keep their employees safe. Our double-sided floor stands are lightweight and compact, with the ability to fold flat for easy storage, and have a carry handle built into the frame.

These are recommended for internal use due to their lightweight construction. Dimensions: 300 x 630 mm (W x H).

This floor stand has been designed with a clear and informative layout that, where applicable, conforms to EN ISO 7010:2012. Please don't hesitate to contact a member of our sales staff if you can't find what you're looking for.

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This stand is designed to be placed in areas where there is a potential trip hazard, such as uneven flooring, or obstacles in walkways.

The stand is highly visible, so employees and visitors can easily see it and take caution. It's also durable, so it can withstand heavy foot traffic without tipping over.

Most importantly, our "Caution Trip Hazard" floor stand can help prevent serious injuries in the workplace. By placing it in areas where there is a potential trip hazard, you can help create a safer environment for your employees and customers.

This product is designed to be highly visible and impossible to miss, so you can rest assured that everyone will be aware of potential dangers. The floor stand is also adjustable, so you can position it wherever you need it most.

Whether you're concerned about people tripping on loose carpeting, or slipping on wet floors, the "Caution Trip Hazard" floor stand is the perfect solution.

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