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Caution Hazardous Spill Floor Stand

  • Caution Hazardous Spill Floor Stand
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Our "Caution Hazardous Spill" double-sided floor stands are lightweight and compact, with the ability to fold flat for easy storage, and have a carry handle built into the frame.

These are recommended for internal use due to their lightweight construction. Dimensions (WxH): 300x630mm; a clear and informative layout that, where applicable, conforms to EN ISO 7010:2012.

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Instill safety in your workplace with our "Caution Hazardous Spill" double-sided floor stand. Take your workplace safety to the next level with this floor stand.

Made from high-quality steel construction, this floor stand is designed to clearly and effectively alert your staff of potential hazards. This sleekly designed floor stand offers ultra-vibrant visibility and incorporates the highest-quality components for long-term durability.

The cautionary message and accompanying graphics provide an important reminder to take extra precautions against hazardous spills. The stand is designed with two sides, allowing it to be seen from both directions of the aisle and ensuring no detail gets missed.

Not only is this floor stand great for alerting those in danger zones, but it can also be used as an indicator of a hazardous area even if no one is currently present inside it. This ensures full compliance with health and safety regulations, and the professional lettering makes sure that all cautionary messages are easily identifiable at first glance—ideal for busy work environments!

Plus, its stance is adjustable, so it can fit any kind of space or mess level you have in mind. Get peace of mind now with our Caution Hazardous Spill double-sided floor stand—your best choice for optimal safety in any workplace setting!

With its quick and straightforward assembly as well as its bright yellow colour, this product will suit every variety of workstations in any workplace environment, making it the perfect warning system for keeping everyone safe!

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