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Photoluminescent Wheelchair Final Fire Exit Man Right Sign

  • Photoluminescent Wheelchair Final Fire Exit Man Right Sign
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When it comes to safety signage there really isn’t any room for compromise. Quality matters so too does compliance with industry standards. Our signage fits both of these criteria. This sign is the final section of the wider fire safety exit system and it will ensure that you have a full and complete navigation system out of your building.

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When developing safety systems for your building, safety signage is just one component in a much larger network. Safety signage must help people, even those who are unfamiliar with your building, navigate quickly out of the premises to a safe place. This final exit sign will work effectively with other directional signage to help people recognise that they are almost out of the building.

Our signs are designed with photoluminescent technology too. This means that the signs use natural or artificial light to charge during the day so they can be prominently displayed in low light, darkness or poor visibility. The text and graphics on the sign are printed in clear, industry-standard fonts and colours to draw your attention and they will give you simple instructions to help your visitors, staff and customers navigate out of any building in an emergency if they need to vacate quickly.

Available in three different sizes, 450mm by 150mm our medium-sized sign and the largest which measures 600mm by 200mm so you can choose the right one for your business or property. We also offer two different material options. The first is a rigid plastic and the second is a self-adhesive vinyl. Both types are super easy to install and once fitted they will remain securely in place for the long term.

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