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Photoluminescent EC Wheelchair Final Fire Exit Man Left Sign

  • Photoluminescent EC Wheelchair Final Fire Exit Man Left Sign
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You must ensure that your building is safe, which means preparing for the eventuality of a fire or other emergency. Our range of durable, visible and reliable fire safety signs will help make your building safer, as it will help direct people to safety in an effective manner.

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This Photoluminescent EC Wheelchair final fire exit man left sign will help guide people to safety in the case of a fire or other emergency. The rectangular design features three key symbols, the exit, a figure running to the left and a wheelchair user. The sign clearly indicates the direction people need to take and who can access the exit safely.

The symbols on the fire safety sign are prominent against the green background, especially with the Photoluminescent feature that makes the symbols even more visible. The Photoluminescent feature means that the sign is charged by either natural or artificial lighting, which means the sign can be seen in low lighting or darkness.

For versatility, this fire safety sign is available in three sizes, 300mm x 100mm, 450mm x 150mm and 600mm x 200mm. You can also select the material of this Photoluminescent sign, which includes Photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl or Photoluminescent rigid plastic. Both materials are durable, reliable and sturdy. The finishing touch is the rounded corners of the sign. All our signs abide by current legislation, which assists with the overall safety standards in your building.

If you cannot find the fire safety sign you need, you can contact a member of our sales team today.

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