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Stretcher Sign (Landscape)

  • Stretcher Sign (Landscape)
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Inform employees, residents and visitors about the location of your first aid stretcher with this easy to understand and informative sign. This sign features the word stretcher along with the stretcher symbol to make it easy to understand for everyone. We have different sizes and materials available.

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This green and white first aid stretcher sign indicates the location of your first aid equipment, specifically the first aid stretcher. This visual guidance will assist visitors, employees, or customers in locating the stretcher in the event of an emergency, which can be crucial.

The sign itself features the word stretcher, written in white against a green background, with the stretcher symbol and first aid sign located next to it. This visual sign shares the location in a written and visual way to ensure that a wider portion of the population understands the meaning.

We have different sizes of this stretcher first aid sign available, including 300mm x 100mm and 450mm x 150mm. The larger the sign, the increase in viewing distance. For example, the 300mm x 100mm sign can be viewed up to distances of 10 metres. We also have two sturdy and high-quality base materials available for this sign: self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic.

All of our signs are finished with rounded corners and follow strict legislation, including EN ISO 7010:2012, to ensure you are receiving quality signage.

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