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Do Not Operate Sign

  • Do Not Operate Sign
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The "Do Not Operate" signs are used to alert people to any unauthorised actions or behaviours and to aid in their prevention.

These signs are available in three sizes and two materials: self-adhesive vinyl or 1 mm rigid plastic. All our signs have rounded corners and comply with the BS EN 7010 standard.

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Ensure workplace safety with the "Do Not Operate" sign. This sign is a crucial tool to inform your staff and personnel about when certain items or machinery should not be operated.

Due to its durability and ability to withstand harsh industrial circumstances, this sign won't go overlooked. No one can ignore its existence or impact when the words "Do Not Operate" are surrounded by a huge red circle.

This sign is an essential component of any safety policy because it acts as a visual deterrent, making it abundantly clear to everyone that a particular piece of equipment is off-limits and that appropriate protocol must be followed in the event that an accident might happen.

The double-sided adhesive backing makes it easy to apply almost anywhere in your shop or facility. Installation is easy too—just attach it securely to the surface near the equipment or area you need marked off and be confident that your safety protocol has been followed!

So keep everyone in your workplace safe by adding this "Do Not Operate" sign today!

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