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Category: General Door Signs

Our online range of General Door signs are used to show locations, making it easier for guests and visitors to find where they are looking for. Each one has a simple design, using bold font and highly contrasting colourway to guarantee easy visibility at a distance. Signs such as these reduce the workload on your staff members by eliminating the number of directional questions regularly ferried. In addition, they provide clear instruction when employees are not on hand to provide them – perfect for high traffic environments.

We have a wide selection of easy to read signs available online here today. Our Entrance and Exit signs can be installed above doors along with our No Entry signs to restrict access where needed. You will also find options such as ‘Project Manager’, ‘Clerk of Works’ and ‘Engineer’ signs that can be used above offices to give clear direction for guests and visitors. For residential environments, our ‘Canteen’ and ‘Drying Room’ signs allow new residents to find their way to the right areas in a building with ease. Many of our signs come in a range of different sizes and can be ordered in either self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic. All of them come with rounded corners as standard to minimise the risk of injury during installation.

If you have any questions about the signs in our online range, please contact the helpful team here at Lasting Impressions today. We’ll help you find the right solution or guide you through the Design A Sign process, if necessary.