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Category: Warning Safety Signs

Suitable for a wide range of different locations, browse our Warning Safety Signs online today. Each one has been specifically designed to inform employees, customers and visitors about potential hazards and deterrents. By using universally recognised signs and colours, we ensure the information given can be understood by all skill levels. This guarantees that your workplace or environment is entirely compliant with legal requirements – protecting you and your employees alike.

In our online store, you will find a wide range of different safety signs to choose from. Our General Warning Signs provide just that – general instructions for a wide selection of situations. For catering premises, we have Temperature Warning Signs that effectively minimise the risk of burns and relevant accidents. If you deal with large-scale machines on a regular basis, our Machinery Warning Signs ensure only qualified individuals are allowed near highly dangerous tools. Laboratories and health-care businesses will benefit from the wide selection of Substance & Chemical Warning Signs. And everyone has a use for Fire & Flammable Warning Signs to direct open flames away from highly flammable substances.

All of our signage designs use bright colours and clearly understandable imagery. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials and, where applicable, conform to EN ISO 7010:2012. Rounded corners make for a safer installation process and many signs have a self-adhesive option for quick fitting. Here at Lasting Impressions, we can provide a bespoke design service to meet your custom requirements. Contact us today for more information and speak to a member of our friendly sales team.