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Category: AED Signs

Designed to show location, our AED Signs have the potential to save lives. When a visitor, guest or employee is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, these life-saving machines can be used by trained individuals to minimise the risk of permanent damage. They are an effective way to ensure help can be found in no time at all, allowing the defibrillator to be issued in a shorter frame of time. No matter the location, these signs have the real potential to save a life and provide a level of safety to your workplace.

You will find our AED signs in a range of different formats and with varying levels of information included. Our standard Automated External Defibrillator Sign can be purchased in either a landscape or portrait dimensions to fit your needs. We also have Trained AED Users and Location Signs which can be personalised and populated with the names of those people trained to use these specialist machines. If you’re limited on wall space, our AED Emergency Defibrillator Projecting Sign can be stood up on desks, shelves, and other flat surfaces to offer the same vital information. Many of our signs can be purchased in a range of different sizes and manufactured from either self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic. We also supply AED First Aid Posters and Correx projecting AED signs.

If you have any questions about our AED signs or any of the other designs in our range, contact the friendly and experienced team here today.