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Category: Refuge Point Signs

Our range of Refuge Point Signs helps to ensure that everyone is kept safe in the event of an emergency. An essential addition to your workplace, office, school or other densely populated areas, they direct those unable to evacuate the building to a safe location. In the event of a fire, these locations can be a safe haven for disabled, injured or otherwise incapacitated individuals until the emergency has been contained safely.

Each of our signs are clear, easy-to-understand and brightly coloured. They are visible from a distance and can be placed above doorways and in areas where these individuals can safely wait out the emergency. We have a wide selection of different options to choose from, including simple Portrait and Landscape signs to suit the area in question. Our Refuge Point Keep Clear signs ensure the access route is always kept clear. In turn, our Refuge Point with Letter or Number signs allows you to allocate numerous safe locations around larger buildings to keep everybody safe at all times.

We strive to bring you high-quality refuge point signs at the most affordable price to suit your budget. Where applicable, items in our signage range conform with EN ISO 7010:2012. In all instances, we use the strongest and most durable materials to guarantee your signs stay bright and legible for many years to come. They are available in either self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic to suit your requirements and reduce installation time.

All of our signs are manufactured with rounded corners for safety and come in a selection of sizes. If you have any questions or queries regarding these high-quality refuge point signs, contact our friendly team today. We’re on hand to help you find the right signage to ensure your business is legally compliant and safe at all times.