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Category: Photoluminescent Marker Number Signs

For multi-story office blocks, schools or other work buildings, our Photoluminescent Marker Number Signs form a vital part of your safety procedures. As part of your signage plans, they help to direct individuals to the nearest exit and allow people to understand their location within the building. They are specifically useful in the event of an emergency or power-cut, where knowing your location can help the emergency services to plan a rescue operation. In turn and in everyday use, they help to guide visitors around your building.

These signs have glow in the dark properties. During the day, they charge using the power from light – both natural and artificial. During the event of a power cut or during low light conditions, they emit a soft glow. This is enough to allow the number to be clearly identified and to act as a location marker for any lost visitors. These signs come in number 0-9 along with symbols including a forward slash (/). Fit around your building, specifically in stair corridors or alongside lifts to improve the flow of traffic throughout the premises. These signs are useful options for both day and night while forming a vital part of health and safety in the workplace.

Our marker number signs are available in a range of different sizes to suit your requirements. Choose from either photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl for quick installation or photoluminescent rigid plastic for durability. Both materials allow the signs to be wiped clean and maintained to extend their life span. They all feature rounded corners for safety and allow your business to stay compliant with current UK legislation. No matter the industry or building requirements, these handy signs will improve the comfort of a guests visit and that of your employees. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.