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Category: Photoluminescent EC Directive Fire Exit & Exit Signs

Available in a range of different designs, our Photoluminescent EC Directive Fire Exit and Exit Signs comply with current requirements. Designed and manufactured for a range of different environments, they provide instructions to guide individuals towards the nearest fire door. In an emergency, this reduces panic and improves the flow of traffic as everybody exits the building. Here at Lasting Impressions, our signs feature simple and easily recognisable images that can be understood universally. In doing so, we create signs that work in all environments and guarantee the safety of every visitor.

Our glow in the dark signs all feature a photoluminescent coating that charges during the day. This can be done using both natural and artificial light. In low light conditions and particularly during a power cut, the sign illuminates to allow the relevant information to be read. This is particularly useful during emergencies where exit routes can become obscured and difficult to locate. Our signs feature a range of easily recognisable images including a running man symbol, directional arrows and the words ‘Fire Exit’. Each one is fully compliant with the EC directive and can be installed around your building as required.

We provide these signs in a range of different sizes to suit your needs. Rounded corners prevent injury during installation and a wipe clean surface minimises maintenance requirements. Choose from either self-adhesive vinyl or 1.2mm photoluminescent plastic to fit your needs. These signs are incredibly easy to install and can be placed around your building in accordance to your available space and requirements. Please note, British Standard and EC Directive fire exit signs should not be displayed together. For more information regarding this or if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to provide advice, tips and recommendations.