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Category: NHS Fire Exit Signs & Fire Exit Signs for People with Disabilities

Our NHS Fire Exit Signs and Fire Exit Signs for people with disabilities are specifically manufactured to suit the healthcare industry. Ensuring your business is compliant with all current legislation, they form a vital part of Health and Safety within the workplace. In busy environments, ensuring the correct information is clear and easy to identify is vital. Here at Lasting Impressions, we provide a wide range of industry-specific fire exit signs. Each one features recognisable imagery in brightly contrasting colours to guarantee that everyone can identify the closest fire exit in the event of an emergency.

Our selection of NHS fire exit signs are available in varying sizes to suit your needs. The landscape format ensures they can sit clearly above doorways. Presented in the standard green and white colours, these signs feature clear directional arrows indicating the correct path during an emergency. A running man symbol exiting through the doorway also provides a visual description as to the sign’s information. And, the inclusion of clear and legible font spells out the words ‘Fire Exit’ as a final confirmation. For fire exit signs for people with disabilities, the running man is accompanied by the wheelchair icon. During emergencies, this allows carers to identify the exit routes that have been designed to accommodate those less able and get their patients to safety quickly.

According to current legislation, fire exit signs should be placed above fire exits and the route should be kept clear of obstruction at all times. Our signs are all compliant with EN ISO 7010:2012 and have rounded corners to prevent injury during installation. Please note that EEC and British Standard signs should not be used together. If you have any queries regarding our signs, their placement or suitability, contact our sales team today.