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Category: British Standard Exit Signs

Manufactured to comply with current UK legislation, our British Standard Exit Signs are suitable for all working environments. Each one has been manufactured from durable material and has an easy-to-install design. The imagery and colours used are chosen for their ability to be read easily from a distance and for being highly recognisable. No matter the industry, fire exit signs form a key part of Health and Safety in the workplace. By ensuring that they are clearly marked and kept free from obstruction, you guarantee that everyone is able to exit your premises in the shortest time.

The Lasting Impressions British Standard Exit Signs are all available in landscape format. This makes them perfect for installing above doorways and ensuring clear visibility. Many of them feature a directional arrow, directing the reader toward the closest exit. Other show a man running symbol as he leaves through the exit; providing clear instructions for those who prefer visual direction. Finally, the word ‘Exit’ also features in many of the designs to further emphasise the message behind each sign. Each one ensures your business complies with all relevant and current British standards and legislation.

Our signs are each available in a selection of sizes to suit your premise and the distance from which users will need to read them. They can be ordered in either a self-adhesive vinyl or a 1mm rigid plastic, depending on the environment in question. Each one features rounded corners to minimise the risk of injury during installation. And, they ensure your business is compliant with EN ISO 7010:2012. Clear, recognisable and instructional, our British Standard Exit Signs are a vital addition to any workplace. Please note that EEC and British Standard signs should not be used together. If you have any questions regarding this or any of our signs, contact our sales team today.