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Category: Multi-Hazard Construction Signs

These Multi-Hazard Construction Signs are designed and manufactured as part of Lasting Impressions extensive collection. We strive to ensure your business is legally compliant with all current legislation by giving you the appropriate tools. Each of the signs here provides clear and precise information about the dangers, prohibitions and PPE requirements on your business site.

With their multicoloured design, our multi-hazard signs provide a range of important information to help protect the safety of employees. On one sign, they offer comprehensive information about access restrictions, specific warnings and orders. There are a range of different designs, from 5-Point layouts to 8-Point options and ones specifically designed for display on the Site Office. Our Maximum Speed Signs and Unauthorised Entry signs offer specific information, tailored to suit your company’s needs. And, for further brand recognition, we can add your company name and logo to the first bar – ideal for those looking to cement their name with high-quality health and safety work.

These high-quality and durable signs are made with rounded corners as standard. This minimises the risk of injury during installation. They are available in 2 different sizes and have been manufactured from 1mm rigid plastic. For our larger options, we increase this to a 1.5mm plastic for added strength. In addition, they are easy to install and can be placed at eye level to improve the spread of information. If you have any questions or information about our multi-hazard construction signs, contact our Sales Team here today.