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Photoluminescent 5 Point Fire Action Sign - Do Not Use Lifts

  • Photoluminescent 5 Point Fire Action Sign - Do Not Use Lifts
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Our Photoluminescent General Fire Action Sign 5 offers a bulk of information in one helpful place. It has been designed to pass this on in a clear, understandable and easily readable way. We use universally accepted imagery, bold font and bright colours to direct attention towards it, in the event of an emergency.

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This sign provides 5 different streams of information to your employees, customers and visitors. It instructs them to sound the alarm, leave the building and report to the nearest assembly point. For their own safety, information is also given to prevent them from returning to the building until authorised to do so and not to take lifts in the event of a fire. To portray this information, we use a range of bright colours, bold font and universally accepted logos.

In addition, the photoluminescent finish provides security in low light conditions. During the day, the surface will charge with daylight - both natural and artificial. If you should find yourself in the middle of a power cut, a soft glow will ensure the information is still fully legible. This is true of both our self-adhesive and 1.2mm rigid plastic designs - both of which can be purchased in 2 different sizes for convenience.

Our fire action signs are all finished with rounded corners. Where applicable, they comply with current legislation including BS EN 7010:2012. If you have any questions about this sign, contact our friendly and helpful sales team.

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