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No Pipetting By Mouth Sign

  • No Pipetting By Mouth Sign
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Signs such as "No Pipetting By Mouth Prohibition" are used to alert people to unauthorised actions or behaviours.

Available in three sizes and two materials: self-adhesive vinyl and 1 mm rigid plastic. All our signs have rounded corners and comply with current legislation, including EN ISO 7010:2012.

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Good laboratory practice demands the strict implementation of safety protocols to ensure a safe work environment.

Our "No Pipetting By Mouth" sign is intended to significantly lower the likelihood of pipetting errors occurring, thereby lowering the danger of accidents or cross-contamination in the workplace. This vivid red and white sign, which is intended to be seen clearly, has an easy-to-read message cautioning against the wrong use of the apparatus.

The text is printed straight onto premium paper that is durable and tough, making it ideal for surviving in any busy lab! This sign is perfect for installation within your laboratory because it helps to emphasise fundamental safety procedures and promote safer working practices, ensuring a safer and more effective working environment for everyone. This sign is the ideal solution to get rid of potential hazards in the office, encouraging optimum productivity and adherence to OSHA-mandated health rules.

Whether you're looking for improved efficiency or just greater peace of mind, this sign is an essential part of any safe operating environment.

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