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No Cycling Sign

  • No Cycling Sign
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The "No Cycling Prohibition" signs are used to alert people to illegal actions or behaviours.

Self-adhesive vinyl and 1 mm rigid plastic are both available in two sizes and two different types. Our signs are all round-cornered and in compliance with EN ISO 7010:2012 and other standards currently in effect.

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Keep your workplace safe and secure with the "No Cycling" sign. Accidents in the workplace can be caused by distractions, and bicycles are often unsafe in active indoor environments.

By advising individuals against riding bicycles indoors, this sign will contribute to the creation of a safer workplace. Cycling enthusiasts will be reminded by its unambiguous message that they must abide by any safety regulations put in place by their employers. Furthermore, because of its adaptability, it may be positioned just about everywhere, including in entrances, hallways, corridors, and even next to stairwells.

This heavy-duty sign is made of quality material that is thick enough to be seen from a distance and waterproof for outdoor use, no matter the weather conditions. Clear and easy to read, the bright red signs feature bold white lettering that is guaranteed to grab anyone's attention. This ensures safety compliance within your facility as well as prevents costly liabilities due to slip-and-fall accidents such as trips and falls, slips, and broken bones caused by an individual operating a bicycle inside a building or otherwise restricted area.

Ensure that everyone in your facility knows the rules without having to ask—get the "No Cycling" sign now!

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