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Photoluminescent NHS Fire Exit Arrow Left Sign

  • Photoluminescent NHS Fire Exit Arrow Left Sign
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Fire safety should be one of your top priorities if you manage a business or own a commercial premises. Providing clear directional signage is essential to help people navigate out of your building using the quickest and easiest route. Maintain the highest of safety standards in your building and give the people who use your premises peace of mind.

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Directional signage like this is used as part of a wider wayfinding system to help people navigate out of your building regardless of the situation. A directional fire escape sign can make all the difference. Our signs once fitted offer all the safety features that you need, and they can be used in combination with other directional or instructional signs to keep everyone safe.

Featuring photoluminescent technology, the sign will use artificial or natural light to effectively ‘charge’ during the day so it can then remain visible in either low light or complete darkness. The text and graphics are clearly printed allowing the sign to be clearly viewed even from a distance. Our signs can be bought in three sizes depending on your requirements. 300mm by 100mm, 450mm by 150mm and 600mm by 200mm. You can also choose from two different materials, a self-adhesive vinyl or a rigid plastic.

The signs are printed on your chosen material with rounded corners and are fully compliant with current legislative requirements including EN ISO 7010:2012. If you would like to request further information about our signage or ask us a question, please contact us and we will get you all of the details.

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