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General Information Signs

Designed for a whole range of different environments, choose our General Information Signs today. Printed and designed in house, they are the ideal way to ensure clear information is given to guests and visitors. Each one has a simple, easy-to-understand design that can be read from a distance and used in a multitude of different environments. Whether you're responsible for the local park or need directional information for your workplace, we're confident we have the right solution for you here at Lasting Impressions.

Within our online range, you will find everything you need. We have monochrome 'Litter' signs that show people where to dispose of their rubbish safely. Our T 'Loop' Facility Signs inform those with harder hearing of supportive systems set up to help them within your workplace. We also have options such as our Notice Keep This Gate Shut Sign to maintain security and Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted to deter criminal behavior. All of our signs are available to browse and purchase online today. We have a selection of different sizes on offer alongside the choice of either self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic. Rounded corners are included as standard and, where relevant, our signs comply with all recent legislation.

We have a wide selection of black and white sign designs to choose from. Alongside this, our Design A Sign option allows you to customise our signs to fit your needs. If you have any queries or questions, contact the friendly team here at Lasting Impressions.

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