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Recycling In The Workplace - The Guide

It won’t come as a surprise to many that recycling has become synonymous with our everyday, modern lives. We have become a nation that better understands the impact our actions have on the environment. And, because of this, we are constantly striving for ways to minimise this. Recycling is a small action that can have a dramatic impact on the world. Landfill sites are becoming more and more overcrowded, particularly with products that cannot naturally biodegrade. Items such as batteries have been shown to leak toxic chemicals into the ground, rendering it unsuitable for much at all. And the increase in publicity around plastic in our oceans is enough to drive anyone to drop their bottle into one of those green bins. So, how can your workplace begin it’s recycling journey. And, importantly for us, how can the right signs help to encourage your workers to actively get involved.

Why should my business recycle?

Other than to have a hand in protecting the environment, there are other reasons why recycling may be beneficial for your business.

  1. Reputation Many customers choose to part with their money with businesses that align themselves with their own beliefs. Going green could be a brilliant way to improve your reputation. It shows that you are mindful of the impact your company is having on the environment and are taking steps to change it. In a world focused on preserving natural resources, this small action could see an uplift in a specific demographic of customer.
  2. Staff Morale Make your employees feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Getting them involved in an initiative to protect their planet is an effective way to drive morale and encourage positive feelings within your business. Additionally, by encouraging recycling in the workplace, you increase the chance that an individual will recycle personally too.
  3. Positive Company Culture People thrive in an environment that they believe in. Give everyone ownership of this positive change and create a culture that focuses on positive activity. It is also a brilliant pointer to encourage new employees who are looking for an inclusive and mindful company culture to join.
What products can be recycled?

Thankfully, modern businesses are on hand to support those that wish to recycle. Many now manufacture their product packaging and other items from fully recyclable materials. This means that businesses can make a significant impact. Large and small companies alike will produce high levels of waste - it’s inevitable with the amount of employees, guests and general traffic you have coming and going on a daily basis. Therefore, recycling gives you the chance to turn this waste into something productive. And, there are a host of products you could begin recycling quickly including:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Plastic bottles
  • Printer cartridges
  • Food waste etc
How do I set up recycling in the workplace?

The brilliant thing about recycling is just how easy it is to implement in the workplace. All it takes it a few changes in the mindset of your employees and you can minimise your carbon footprint dramatically.

  1. Identify the materials that can be recycled in the workplace. These could be no longer needed printer paper, empty print cartridges or glass bottles used during meetings.
  2. Find a clear way of segregating these materials. There are many bins that can be purchased online, allowing you to easily separate glass, paper, cans etc. And, with offices in mind, many comes in compact sizes which won’t bulk out your workplace.
  3. Measure/Estimate how much recycling waste you expect to collect in a set period. As a business, you will need to find a recycling collector to pick up your segregated waste. And in order to do that, they’ll need to understand just how much refuge they need to account for. There are many names on the market including Biffa and Veolia UK who can all be contacted online for quotes. These businesses will collect your recycling and take it to dedicated sites for a set fee.
  4. Appoint a Recycling Coordinator. Assigning the responsibility to one of your employees will empower them and ensure your new recycling process runs smoothly. If you are a larger business, consider allocating a team to help set up the scheme, managing communications and measure its effectiveness over time.
  5. Identify locations for recycling bins/containers. Make these are convenient as possible. Consider placing smaller bins around your workplace that can be filled and then transported to the larger recycling areas. It is also important that the final external containers by easily accessible for the collection vehicles.
  6. Advertise the new scheme to your employees. Ensure everyone understands the commitment your business has made. And strive to bring excitement to the process by sharing information on how much waste was successfully recycled vs simply thrown away. Give them a feeling of empowerment knowing they’re making a difference everyday.
How can the right signs help our recycling efforts?

Signs are there to give clear direction, without the need for additional human intervention. Therefore, in a new recycling setup, they are a trusted way of ensuring waste is separated correctly. You may find some employees unfamiliar with the recycling process and unwilling to ask for help from others. Signs will help to improve compliance, giving power over to your employees while offering clear instructions. We have a large collection of Recycling Signs available here at Lasting Impressions. Whether you’re looking for a simple Recycling Point design or something more specific, like the Aluminium Cans Only Recycle Sign or Newspaper Waste Recycle Sign, you’ll find options here to fit your needs.

If you have any questions about recycling signs and how best to implement them in your workplace, get in touch with the team here today.