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Photoluminescent General Fire Action Sign 8

  • Photoluminescent General Fire Action Sign 8
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Suitable for use with employees, customers and visitors alike, our Photoluminescent General Fire Action Sign is clear and concise. By using recognisable signs and bold font, you can ensure everyone is able to read relevant information. They provide clear instructions about what to do in the event of a fire.

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This sign has been designed for use in low-light scenarios. In the event of a power cut or in the evening, it emits a soft glow which illuminates the information printed. This is caused by the surface charging by daylight - either natural or artificial. We also ensure all relevant information is included, using recognisable imagery and bold font.

Our signs are essential and should be positioned next to each entry and exit door within a building. Choose from either self-adhesive vinyl or 1.2mm rigid plastic, both of which are easy to install and durable enough to withstand extended use. Included in the information are directions to sound the alarm, call the fire brigade, leave the building and report to a relevant assembly point. For more directional orders, a red screen print has been used to pass on instructions such as 'Do not stop to collect personal belongings' and 'Do not return to the building unless authorised to do so'.

Available in 2 different sizes, all of my signs have rounded corners. We design our signs to comply with current legislation including EN ISO 7010:2012. If you have any questions about this sign, contact our sales team today.

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