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Multi Lingual Fire Action Sign 4

  • Multi Lingual Fire Action Sign 4
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With this multi-lingual fire action sign four in place, you can help others feel safer in the event of a fire, as the reception will be informed about any disability visitors may have. This multilingual sign features German, French and English translations. This sign is available in different sizes and materials.

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This informative multi-lingual fire action sign is a vital sign to have on your premises as it informs visitors, employees and residents actions they need to take upon arrival. This sign reads, if you are hard of hearing or have any other disability which would affect your exit in the event of a fire, please advise reception on arrival.

With this sign in place, the reception will have a detailed list of who is in the building and who needs additional assistance in the event of a fire. This sign can drastically improve the chances of everyone getting out of the building safely.

This multilingual sign features French, English and German translations, which makes it accessible to more people.

This multi-lingual action sign is available in two types of material: self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic. We have two sizes available for this sign, which includes 150mm x 200mm and 200mm x 300mm. The larger signs will improve the visibility of the instructions on the sign; however, smaller signs can be used in different areas of your building, which can be vital.

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