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Multi Lingual Fire Action Sign 5

  • Multi Lingual Fire Action Sign 5
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This informative multilingual fire action sign 5 will remind visitors, guests, or employees not to take the lift in the event of a fire and instead use the stairways provided. This bold and concise sign will serve as a safety reminder and can provide a sense of security while in an emergency.

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When a fire occurs in a building, you do not want visitors, guests or employees taking the lift, as the fire could short out the electrical system, which means the lift may get stuck. This informative multilingual fire action sign 5 reminds people of that danger clearly and concisely.

With this lift safety sign, if a fire does occur, visitors, guests, and employees will be reminded that they should not get into the lift, and instead, they should opt for the stairs. The instructions are written in French, German, and English and are presented boldly to make it easier to read.

This informative multilingual fire action sign 5 is available in two sizes, which are 150mm x 200mm and 200mm x 300mm. We have two available material options for this safety sign: self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic, both of which are reliable and long-lasting. The finishing touch to this fire safety sign is the rounded corner, which adds to the appearance and safety. All our safety signs follow strict current legislations.

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