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Fire Exit Down Left Luminere Sign

  • Fire Exit Down Left Luminere Sign
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Direct people to safety with the help of this Fire Exit Down Left Luminere Sign. Manufactured to last in high-traffic environments, it should be fitted above doorways and used to create a clear escape route. When used appropriately, this sign will ensure your business is compliant with all relevant health and safety laws.

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It is vital that every building have a clear and defined route of escape in the event of a fire. This exit sign has been designed to do just this. Using universally recognisable imagery and a strong colour combination, it visually passes across vital information to the reader. The running man, down/left-facing arrow and open doorway instruct people to go downstairs to find the nearest fire exit.

In addition, this sign has a luminere or glow-in-the-dark finish which makes it ideal for low light conditions. During the day, the surface absorbs light energy given off by both natural and artificial sources. In the event of a blackout or power cut, the glow given off will ensure the information printed on to this sign is still clearly legible for all to read. It can be purchased in 2 sizes to suit your viewing requirements and comes with rounded corners as standard. Where relevant, our signs will all conform with current legislation, specifically EN ISO 7010:2012 in this instance.

Please note, EEC and British Standard signs should not be used together. If you would like more information on this or are looking for a specific sign, get in touch with our sales team today.

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