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Fire Exit Diagonal Arrow Sign (Logo)

  • Fire Exit Diagonal Arrow Sign (Logo)
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Health and safety signs are an essential addition to any commercial property or shared accommodation such as flats, student accommodation and other housing units. These signs will clearly identify the best route out of a building in an emergency. Charged through natural and artificial light, this sign will be clearly visible even in low light.

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Does your commercial property have adequate emergency signage? When you invest in our photoluminescent fire exit signs you will be increasing safety standards and ensuring that employees and visitors can safely navigate out of a building in an emergency if they ever need to. Once fitted in place, these signs will clearly display all the information that visitors and staff need to know. When they are placed in prominent areas, people also become familiar with them so in the event of an emergency, they know the way out of the building.

The design is both clean and simple, reflecting industry standards for safety signs. We offer these signs in multiple sizes including 300mm by 100mm, 450mm by 150mm and the largest, 600mm by 200mm, making them suitable for many different environments from office blocks through to flats and residential housing for the elderly. You can also choose from two different material types too.

The first is rigid plastic and the second is a self-adhesive vinyl. Whatever option you choose, they include the photoluminescent properties and are designed to the same stringent specifications and standards. With rounded corners, the signs are fully compliant with existing health and safety regulations including EN ISO 7010:2012.

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