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Fire Blanket ID Sign (Portrait)

  • Fire Blanket ID Sign (Portrait)
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Make sure your fire blanket is always easy to find with this bright and highly visible Fire Blanket ID sign that is made of durable, weatherproof material and features a large, easy-to-read message that says "Fire Blanket" in bold white lettering on a bright red background.

If you opt for the vinyl adhesive sign, the sticky strip lets you attach it quickly and easily to any wall or door. Whether you're looking to increase fire safety in your home or business, all our signs have rounded corners and comply with current legislation, including BS EN7010. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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This Fire Blanket ID Sign is the perfect way to keep your fire blanket visible and easily accessible. This sturdy sign is made of durable materials and can be mounted on any wall or door. The bright red colour makes it highly visible, and the clear instructions make it easy to use in an emergency.

With the Fire Blanket ID Sign, you can be sure that your fire blanket will be ready when you need it most.

A fire blanket is a crucial piece of safety equipment that can be used to extinguish small fires or to protect a person from the heat and flames of a larger fire, making it an essential item for any commercial kitchen.

A properly placed and clearly visible fire blanket ID sign will help ensure that your staff knows where the fire blanket is located and how to use it properly in the event of a fire.

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