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Final Fire Exit Man Right Sign

  • Final Fire Exit Man Right Sign
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This final fire exit man right landscape sign will help you plot out your exit route during emergencies. This durable, sturdy and reliable sign was made to help direct people in the right direction. This sign should be used alongside other similar fire exit signs.

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This final fire exit man right landscape sign features the bold words ‘fire exit’, with a running man facing the right to indicate which way people should go. Fire exit signs can save lives, so make sure your building has a clear pathway.

We have four different sizes available which includes, 300mm x 100mm, 300mm x 150mm, 450mm x 150mm and 600mm x 200mm. As the size increases so does the visibility, which means you should take into consideration where you will be placing this sign before selecting a size.

You can choose between two materials as well, which includes self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic. All our signs, regardless of size and material, have been manufactured to a high standard and will help you improve the safety in your building.

All our signs have been finished with rounded corners and abide by current legislation.

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