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Failed Inspection - Rework Sign (Large Landscape)

  • Failed Inspection - Rework Sign (Large Landscape)
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Quality Control Signs are used to inform people and help identify specific areas. Made from durable PVC, the sign is built to withstand heavy use, and the bright colours are sure to grab attention.

Available in 2 sizes in self-adhesive vinyl. This sign complies with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

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Failed Inspection-Rework Sign (Large Landscape) may seem like a simple quality control tool.

However, this sign is essential to any business's quality control process. By clearly identifying areas that need to be reworked, the sign helps ensure defects are quickly corrected. In addition, the sign can also help prevent potential problems from being overlooked, which in turn helps ensure that only products of the highest quality are sent out to customers.

It also helps to prevent mix-ups and errors, as workers will know exactly which items need to be handled with care. As a result, this is an essential part of any quality control system to prevent quality issues from going unnoticed with this yellow and white failed inspection-rework sign.

It's perfect for posting in your factory or warehouse to ensure that any failed inspection items are quickly identified and dealt with. This sign is an essential tool for maintaining quality control in your facility. It has simple text and easy-to-understand graphics.

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