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Photoluminescent Exit Arrow Up Left Sign

  • Photoluminescent Exit Arrow Up Left Sign
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This landscape photoluminescent fire exit sign will help you identify a safe and secure route out of your building during emergencies. This landscape sign features an arrow pointing diagonally up and to the left, with a running man going left and the word ‘exit’ clearly marked.

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You can make your residents, employees or yourself feel more secure and safe by properly identifying an escape route in your building.

This landscape fire exit is photoluminescent, which means it is charged by daylight. The sign itself features three key elements; the first distinctive element is the bold arrow pointing up and to the left. The arrow on this sign indicates which direction you need to go, as does the running figure that is running to the left. The final element on this sign is the bold word ‘exit’ written on the right-hand side of the sign.

We also have two different material options available, including, photoluminescent rigid plastic and photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl. Both materials we offer are durable, long-lasting and are high-quality. We have three distinct sizes available, including 300mm x 100mm, 450mm x 150mm and 600mm x 200mm.

All of the signs we offer, including this landscape fire exit arrow up and to the left sign, have rounded corners and comply with current legislation.

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