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Photoluminescent EC Exit Arrow Up Left Sign with text

  • Photoluminescent EC Exit Arrow Up Left Sign with text
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Ensure safety with our Photoluminescent EC Exit Arrow Up Left Sign. It guides towards the nearest fire exit, designed for clear emergency visibility, creating an easy-to-follow escape route. Charged by daylight or artificial lighting, it's available in three sizes and two materials - self-adhesive vinyl or 1.2mm plastic. With rounded corners for added safety, our signs are your perfect solution for effective escape route signage.

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Experience the multifaceted utility of our UK-made Photoluminescent EC Exit Arrow Up Left Sign. Crafted from either 1.2mm photoluminescent plastic or self-adhesive vinyl, this sign is engineered to glow in the dark, providing a distinct direction even in low-light conditions. It harnesses light from any natural or artificial source and radiates it when darkness falls - a distinctive characteristic of photoluminescent materials.

Our sign comes in three sizes - 300x100mm, 450x150mm, and 600x200mm, making it adaptable for various spaces. The understated cream background juxtaposes the striking green highlight, ensuring optimum visibility. It serves as an exit sign and a pivotal part of your safety strategy, leading individuals towards the closest fire exit during emergencies and forming comprehensible escape routes.

Beyond its prime use, photoluminescent materials have discovered applications in diverse sectors. The potential is immense, from moulded exit signs and buttons on electronic devices to luminous plastics in light switches and door handles. This sign is also light-stable, designed for outdoor use, and is weather-resistant.

Whether in commercial establishments, residential buildings, or industrial environments, our Photoluminescent EC Exit Arrow Up Left Sign is your dependable ally for safety. Its rounded corners and superior materials amalgamate functionality, safety, and longevity in one package. Choose our sign today, and prioritise safety.

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