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EC Exit Arrow Down Sign

  • EC Exit Arrow Down Sign
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Designed to last, our EC Exit Arrow Down Sign is strong, long-lasting and reliable. It provides clear directions to lead a user outside of the building during the event of an emergency. This sign is easy to install, suitable for all working environments and follows the requirements of the EC Directive.

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This clear and easily legible sign provides information about the quickest means of escape from a building. During a fire or another hazardous emergency, this ensures the safety of all without the need for additional human intervention.These signs should be used in collaboration with other EC fire exit signs to create an easy-to-follow route leading towards the nearest exit point. Here, a running man follows the downwards arrow towards an open fire exit. Next to him, the word 'Exit' has also been printed in bold and clear font to further emphasise its purpose.

We manufacture signs for all different environments here at Lasting Impressions. This rectangular sign features rounded corners as standard and a green and white colour pallet. Choose from 3 different sizes depending on your available viewing distance - information of which can be found below in our helpful table. We also offer this sign in both a self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic to fit your installation surface. Both materials offer the same reliable strength and can be used indoors and out.

Please note EC and British Standard signs should not be used together. If you have any questions about this EC Exit Arrow Down Sign, get in touch with the sales team here today.

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