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Do Not Use Without Guards Sign

  • Do Not Use Without Guards Sign
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Prohibition signs such as "Do Not Use Without Guards" are used to discourage unauthorised behaviour or actions.

All our signs have rounded corners and comply with BS EN 7010. In addition to their three different sizes, they are available in self-adhesive vinyl or rigid plastic of 1mm thickness.

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Safety is paramount in the workplace, and OSHA requires that employees take all necessary precautions to protect both themselves and their co-workers.

This "Do Not Use Without Guards" sign communicates your workplace safety practises clearly and effectively, creating a safer work environment for everyone involved. The professional design stands out without being obtrusive, making it a discreet but highly effective safety measure.

This sign is an effective way to promote safety awareness in any workplace. It is made using high-quality materials and is designed to be durable and long-lasting, even under continuous exposure. It features a brightly coloured design that stands out from other signs and can easily be seen from a distance, making it easy for everyone to identify where safety protocol is required. The sign is made of durable material, so it won't be damaged or break quickly, ensuring that its message still stands out even after years of use.

Do not underestimate the value of having this "Do Not Use Without Guards" sign placed in your workplace. It will show compliance with OSHA standards and keep workers secure during their everyday duties. Let your team know that you are serious about safety with this reliable signage solution!

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