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Do Not Use Unless Guards Are In Position Sign (Landscape)

  • Do Not Use Unless Guards Are In Position Sign (Landscape)
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Introducing our "Do Not Use Unless Guards Are In Position Sign (Landscape)" - a vital tool to inform and protect. This prohibition sign is designed to communicate unauthorised actions or behaviour effectively.

Available in two sizes and crafted from high-quality materials, including self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic. Our signs feature rounded corners and comply with EN ISO 7010:2012 standards.

Trust us to provide you with the correct signage backed by current legislation. If you need assistance, contact our knowledgeable sales team. Ensure safety and compliance with our top-notch signage solution.

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Introducing our highly functional "Do Not Use Unless Guards Are In Position Sign (Landscape)". This essential signage solution is designed to effectively communicate and prevent unauthorised actions or behaviour in various settings.

You can choose which suits your specific needs with two sizes available, including 300x100mm and 600x200mm.

Crafted from top-quality materials, our signs are available in self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic.

The self-adhesive vinyl option offers easy application and durability, while the 1mm rigid plastic ensures long-lasting performance. Both options feature a white and red background with black highlighted symbols, providing clear visibility and conveying the message effectively.

Designed to comply with current legislation, including EN ISO 7010:2012 standards, our signs feature rounded corners for added safety. Whether used in construction sites, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or any other environment where machinery or equipment requires proper guarding, this sign serves as a crucial reminder to ensure guards are in position before operation.

With its eye-catching design and clear message, our "Do Not Use Unless Guards Are In Position Sign (Landscape)" helps enhance safety protocols and prevents accidents or injuries. Trust our reliable signage solution to promote a safe environment and comply with industry regulations.

Our team can assist you if you still seek the required specifications. Contact us today and ensure the safety and well-being of your workforce with our top-notch signage solution.

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