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COSHH - Do You Know All You Need To Know Sign?

  • COSHH - Do You Know All You Need To Know Sign?
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You can help raise awareness of hazardous substances, along with the safety precautions others can take, throughout your workplace, thanks to this portrait COSHH sign. This do you know all you need to know? Sign features clear and easy to follow instructions that help reduce risk. This portrait sign is available in two different types of material and one size.

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COSHH is the control of substances hazardous to health and is a law that all employers are required to have to keep employees safe. This law helps prevent or reduce employees' exposure to hazardous substances by identifying the health hazards on the premises and then deciding on steps to prevent harm to health through a risk assessment.

This COSHH – Do you know all you need to know? a sign informs all persons at work of the safety precautions they should take so that they do not endanger themselves or others through exposure to substances that are hazardous to health.

Our portrait COSHH sign features four general classifications of risk, and their appropriate symbols, along with the meaning of the safety precautions employees can take. The four general classifications of risk are toxic, corrosive, harmful and irritant.

This COSHH sign is available in two different durable materials, including self-adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic. All of the signs in our collection feature rounded corners to add to the appearance and safety.

If you are unable to find the sign that suits your needs, you can contact a member of our sales team, and we will help you find the sign that meets your requirements and needs.

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