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Which safety signs should your construction site display?

No matter where your construction site is located, there are specific regulations you need to follow in terms of signage. All workers, guests and visitors must have access to clear information which keeps them safe at all times. Therefore, it is important that you have the right construction site signs on display at all times. This blog post will list and explain some of the signs you may need.

Fire Escape Route Signs

If your site is small (such as a single house renovation) and there are clear escape routes, you may only need to have a simple fire exit sign above the relevant doorways. With larger sites, it may be necessary to create an escape route to the closest exit using directional signs to guide users. These will feature arrows pointing in the correct direction.

Assembly Point Signs

It is vital that you have safe points where individuals can assemble during a fire or emergency. This is where assembly point signs come in handy and form a vital role in your workplace.

Fire Equipment Signs

This form of signage directs the reader to the closest piece of fire equipment, whether this be a fire extinguisher, blanket or alarm.

Fire Door Signs

Ensure everyone knows which doors are fire doors and which can be used freely with fire door signs. These should be placed on every entry and exit door that complies with current legislation.

PPE Requirement Signs

Construction sites pose specific risks to the well-being of workers. Therefore, it is vital that you have signs informing employees of the relevant PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements. This includes noise hazard signs and multi-hazard scaffold banners.

Temporary Traffic & Site Works Signs

Organising traffic on a construction site is vital to ensuring the safety of every visitor. The right traffic signs will help you do just this, restricting access and directing vehicles down the safest route.

General Building Site Signs

Finally, specific to construction sites, there are many informative building site signs that you will need. This includes Site Entrance signs and Danger Men At Work Signs.

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