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Design a Sign

Needing a special safety sign? Why not create your own?




What to think about when creating your own sign

When creating your sign, there are a few factors you need to consider before jumping right into the creation. This blog post contains helpful tips on things you need to consider when designing a sign. We discuss elements such as the location, spelling and the design itself.

What is your message?

Before you start on the physical sign, you should know what message you want to convey is. Write down some ideas; work on which font, colours and design you want. Ultimately, you should design your sign first; work on measurements and the overall purpose of this sign before jumping into creating it.


Where will your sign be located once it is complete? When designing your sign, you should take into consideration where it will be put. Will it be located in a busy street or beside a road? The location of your sign will determine what colours, fonts and message you will be choosing and if it is right for that location.

Spot on Spelling

You don’t want to end up on a ‘top five signs that have gone wrong’ so make sure your spelling is spot on. Even if you are 100% sure you have spelt everything right, make sure you get a second opinion and someone to proofread your sign.

Sometimes, we can look at something for so long that we don’t see the mistake we have made.


On the subject of spelling, you should also make sure your punctuation is in the right place. A misplaced comma or apostrophe can change the entire meaning of a word or sentence, so make sure all your punctuation is in the right place. As suggested in the first tip, ask for a second opinion to proofread your sign.


The colour of your sign is an essential factor to consider, as you want to make sure it matches your brand, need or overall aim of the sign. You have to consider the background colour as well as the colour of the text. You should aim to make your sign noticeable for the right reasons, and that starts with the right colours.

We have the signs

If designing a sign seems like too much work, or you do not have the time to create your own sign, we have a collection of safety signs that get the job done. Take a look through our extensive collection of safety signs that have been crafted to a high-standard and abide by British Standards.