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What Does the Emergency Assembly Sign Mean

What Does the Emergency Assembly Sign Mean?

Emergency and safety signage is legally required in all workplaces. This includes the health and safety law poster (or something similar), fire safety signs, and exit signs. However, there is some confusion with some signage – like what does the emergency assembly sign mean? 

With so many types of signs and all different issues to be aware of, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by them all. However, once you take the time to learn what the signs mean, you will be in for a much easier time, and you can keep yourself safe in the process. 

Here, we will be going through what you need to know about emergency assembly signs. These are also referred to as fire assembly signs or even muster point signs, but they all mean the same thing – they show the designated area where you need to gather during an emergency. 

If you want to find out more, we will go through everything in more detail below. 

Assembly Point Sign Appearance and Size

According to The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), all fire assembly signs must be at least 20 cm high to ensure that it’s big enough to be seen from a distance. Depending on your business and location of your fire assembly point, you may want to get a larger sign. 

All safety signs must be made from a reflective material to allow it to be visible in low light and nighttime conditions. These signs need to be green and white writing. Fire assembly point signs show the shape of people with four arrows pointed at them from the four corners.

There are different layout options to choose from, but all fire assembly point signs are white on green, and are rectangular – either portrait or landscape. 

There are two basic types of assembly point signs:

  • Rigid signs (plastic or metal) – these signs tend to be longer lasting and less prone to damage from the elements and people
  • Self-adhesive vinyl signs – these signs might be quicker and easier to put up, but they don’t do very well in humid conditions, and are prone to peeling even when people steer clear of it

On top of that, some assembly signs may be reserved for particular groups of people. These are common fire assembly sign options that you might come across:

  • Staff fire assembly point signs
  • Visitor fire assembly point signs 
  • General fire assembly point signs

Although it depends on what material is used and where the sign is placed, safety signs should last anywhere between 3–7 years. Weather conditions and public contact will impact how long a sign lasts, and all safety signs should regularly be checked and tested to make sure that they hold up to their use and are visible and reflective. 

Are Assembly Point Signs Required Under UK Law?

Yes, assembly point signs are required for every workplace by UK law. This is part of an emergency evacuation process plan, and every employer or company must have a plan in the case of an emergency. 

These signs are also referred to as a ‘fire muster sign’ – so if you see either of these names, they are referring to the same thing.  

Sign Placement

It’s important to understand safety sign placement, or else they will not be visible. A hidden safety sign is a useless safety sign, so remember that you need to pick the perfect locations for displaying any form of signage – whether it is a fire exit sign or an assembly sign. 

All signs need to be displayed at the right height to be visible from a distance. This might be on a pole or something else that is elevated to allow people to see it even when in a crowd. 

On top of that, there should be ‘in case of fire, your assembly point is ____’ signs around the building to let employees and the public know where to go. Depending on the type of workplace, there may also be a visitor fire assembly point. 

If there is more than one fire assembly point in your workplace, it is crucial for employees to know which one to go to. You may do this by assigning buildings or departments to particular assembly points, or use another system. Everyone should participate in frequent drills to ensure that they would know what to do and how to handle the situation if the worst were ever to happen. 

What Does the Emergency Assembly Sign Mean?

What Does the Emergency Assembly Sign Mean

The emergency assembly sign indicates that the area around the sign is where you need to evacuate to in the case of any kind of emergency, like a fire. This is a designated safe space where everyone must gather. 

Every workplace needs to have an emergency assembly sign located in a suitable area away from buildings. Places like fields are ideal, as there are no potential dangers should a fire break out – like burning buildings or debris. This area should ideally be a distance that is at least double the height of the building. 

When Are They Used?

They are used in the case of emergencies and during emergency drills. These signs should not be used for anything else, as it can cause panic and be disruptive. 

Who Should Have Assembly Point Signs?

Every workplace must have an assembly point sign. This is legally required, and employers are obligated to have a designated space where all employees, visitors, or the public must go in an emergency situation. 

Other Important Safety Signage

Assembly signs are not the only types of safety signage that you need. There are four types of safety signs that you should be aware of, and one of the most important types of fire safety signage. This extends to signs on fire extinguishers and fire exit signs, which every workplace must have. 

All business owners/employers need to carry out a risk assessment to see what fire safety signs are needed, and which other types of signage are required in the area. Depending on the workplace, things like multi hazard construction signs may be necessary, or various other kinds of signs linked to water, sharp objects, or anything else. 

It’s worth reminding you that fire extinguishers need to be inspected annually in every workplace. This will be assigned to someone who takes responsibility for checking all fire safety-related things, and is one of the employee responsibilities to create a safe workspace.

Every workplace must have a designated fire assembly point – or more than one, depending on the number of employees. This is where you will find the fire assembly sign. 

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What Does the Emergency Assembly Sign Mean

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So, what does the emergency assembly sign mean? The sign is letting you know where the assembly point is – that is, the location you need to go to in the case of a fire or another emergency. It should easily be visible and in an open place like a field where a fire would not be able to reach.