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What are the four main types of safety signs?

This blog post will outline the four main types of safety signs as per the UK regulations. Safety signs are vital for your workplace as they can add a sense of peace of mind for your employees, and will aid in keeping your employees safe.

Safety signs will provide orders, instructions, information and guidance on codes of conduct around your building. Professional signs will offer information clearly and boldly, making it easy for anyone to understand, which is essential during an emergency.

It is essential that you understand what signs are needed for your workplace. Nearly every workplace will need safety signs, so make sure you know the different types of safety signs available. These four main types of signs are following the health and safety regulations of 1996.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs prohibit certain behaviours that may increase the chances of a hazard. Prohibition signs include access signs, general prohibition signs, machinery prohibition signs and prohibition logo signs. Prohibition logo signs can include keep off scaffolding logo sign, no admittance logo signs or no children logo sign; all of these signs are clear and easy to understand.

Warning Signs

Warning signs provide a warning about a specific hazard or danger that could affect the surrounding area. General warning signs are included in this category and refer to caution wet floor signs, danger drop signs and beware obstacle signs, to name a few.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs inform works, customers, visitors and other individuals that this area requires specific behaviour that must be adhered to. Mandatory signs can include machinery and general mandatory signs; for example, use hand sanitiser, use guard or guards must be in position before starting. Other signs can include mandatory ear protection signs, eye and face protection signs, footwear signs, head protection signs and more.

Emergency Escape/Fire-Aid Signs

These signs provide information about emergency exits, rescue facilities or where first aid is located. Emergency escape/fire-aid signs can refer to danger fire risk signs, L.P.G. highly flammable signs and more.

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