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Vehicle Security Signs – What Do You Need To Know?

For many businesses, the vehicles they have on-site or used by their employees are incredibly important. Perhaps they help staff members get to office space, ensuring productivity can be maintained regardless of location. Perhaps they help goods be delivered to the end customer while continuing the high levels of customer service your brand has become known for. Or, maybe they help your trained engineers get to each of their jobs quickly and efficiently. Whatever role vehicles play in your business, it is important to take their safety and security into consideration when opting for on-site signs. In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to know when choosing the right Vehicle Safety Sign for your business.

What Are Vehicle Security Signs?

As the name suggests, vehicle security signs are used to reduce the risk of theft or damage on vehicles. Under ISO 7010, they are designed to be highly visible with strongly contrasting colours and information that can be easily read. If your business is reliant on vehicles in any way, shape or form, they should be a consideration within your safety measures.

These signs are used to advise:

  • Whether a vehicle has been left empty overnight, to discourage break-ins
  • Potential thieves know that CCTV footage is in use within a certain vehicle
  • Police and law enforcement that a vehicle may have potentially been stolen
  • Employees or drivers not to leave any valuables inside the vehicle

Our range of vehicle security signs is manufactured from self-adhesive vinyl and printed with a yellow and black design.

Where Are They Used?

Due to the information that they provide, vehicle security signs should be placed inside or on the vehicle itself. This ensures that the relevant information is available at all times – no matter where the vehicle has been placed or parked. Because of the highly contrasting colour pallet used, they remain visible in most lower light conditions. And, the simple text-based design ensures that information is not confusing.

These signs are simple but can be highly effective. This is especially true when they are used alongside other security methods, including CCTV and additional floodlighting.

Are They Mandatory?

In the UK, there are certain safety signs required by law to keep a business compliant with current legislation. To date, vehicle security signs aren’t one of these. They are an optional solution for any corporate premises looking to optimise the safety of their vehicles overnight and when left unattended. While these signs aren’t mandatory, they are a cost-effective way to help reduce the risk of thefts and break-ins.

How To Choose The Right Vehicle Security Sign For Your Business

Before selecting any safety sign for your business, you must carry out a risk assessment. This detailed analysis of your workplace should identify where risks and hazards are present. You can then take this information and work out what measures you can put in place to eliminate or significantly reduce the risk in question. This could mean swapping to new machinery, implementing a new process structure or – as in this instance – using safety signs.

Before you purchase any vehicle safety signs, you need to perform a risk assessment. If the vehicles in your possession aren’t properly protected, it can cost your business significantly. Research from Verizon Connect reveals that fleet-based businesses lose out on an estimated £12,250 per year from stolen vehicles or equipment costs. Businesses with more than 100 vehicles could see these losses go as high as £21,000 in some situations. Lack of tracking or an inability to immobilise vehicles are two key reasons why many of these vehicles are never recovered. While you may not be in a position to invest in extreme tracking technology or added in-vehicle technology, safety signs exist as an effective deterrent.

Different Types Of Vehicle Security Style

Here at Lasting Impressions, we have several options available in this category. These include:

Thankfully, the names of each of these signs are self-explanatory. Each one conveys a unique message that can be easily read by passers-by. Our signs come in two different sizes – 200 x 150mm and 300mm x 200mm so you can choose the most suitable option for your vehicle.

Make sure that you position these signs in clear view for all to see. The ideal positioning would be on a clean and dry dashboard.

How Can Lasting Impressions Help?

We are industry experts and leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of quality safety signs for every business. Over the years, we have developed a keen understanding of the many different hazards and risks presented in different businesses. Our range of vehicle security signs has been designed through this experience to ensure that there are options for all vehicles and company types. Whether you have 10 vehicles in your fleet or 10,000, the right deterrent safety signs can reduce the risk of your most vital equipment being stolen or broken.

All of our Vehicle Security Signs can be viewed online via our website, where you will also find a multitude of other safety signs for your business. We also have a Design A Sign service, giving you the flexibility to customise a design to fit your exacting needs. If you cannot find the sign you’re looking for, have a question or simply need to speak to a member of our team, please do get in contact here today.