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Understanding school safety sign requirements

Our schools and educational settings help to support the adults of tomorrow. Ensuring they are run safely and efficiently is at the height of importance. School safety signs, like in many other environments, provide information and advice. As with any setting, a comprehensive risk assessment should be the first step to ensuring you find the right sign for your needs. In this blog, we’ll go over the different safety signs you may need and how they help to minimise accidents.

Subject-Specific Safety Signs

Some subjects, specifically those within the Science domain, require students to work with dangerous chemicals and equipment. As with any activity of this manner, these should be done under supervision and with trained professionals. To reinforce the procedures that you have put into place, safety signs offer reminders and a simple way to ensure confusion is minimised. You may need:

  • Wear Goggles Sign.
  • Wear Welding Mask.
  • Ear Protection.
  • Wear Protective Footwear Sign.
  • Corrosive Materials / Use Hand Protection Sign.
  • Lab Coats Must Be Worn Sign.

Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety in schools and educational settings is covered by the Regulatory Reform Order 2005. It requires businesses in this sector to ensure procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of fires, maintain fire detection and alarm systems and ensure staff and pupils are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures. Fire safety signs exist to minimise risk and direct people through an approved escape route, in the event of a fire or emergency. You may need:

  • Fire Exit Signs.
  • Assembly Point Signs.
  • Fire Door Signs.
  • Refuge Point Signs.
  • Door Safe Condition Signs.
  • Safe Condition Signs.
  • Fire Equipment Signs.
  • Fire Action Signs.
  • Fire Extinguisher ID Signs.

General Housekeeping Signs

To minimise risk in any working environment, good housekeeping rules are essential. With the high foot traffic and visitor numbers generally found in schools, this is even more important. You want to implement procedures that ensure rubbish is properly disposed of, fire exit routes aren’t blocked and items are tidied away. You may need:

  • Do Not Litter.
  • Keep Area Free From Obstructions.
  • Staircase Must Be Kept Clear Of All Obstructions.
  • Caution Wet Floor Stand.

Car Park Signs

Large moving vehicles and delivery trucks pose a safety risk to children and adults alike. It’s important that you have car park signs in place to advise drivers of how they should act in this environment. You may need:

  • Visitors Car Park.
  • Private Car Park.
  • Contractors Car Park.
  • Car Park Disclaimer Sign.

Access Signs

To minimise congestion, many schools implement one-way systems or specific routes. This creates a steady stream of foot traffic during class transitions and at other times during the day. To do this successfully and with the least impact on employee time, safety signs can be used to offer direction. For this, you may need:

  • One Way Arrow Left.
  • One Way Arrow Right.

The team here at Lasting Impressions are always on hand to help ensure you find the right safety signs for your specific needs. If you have any questions about school safety requirements or cannot find what you’re looking for, please get in contact with the team here today.