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Things to Know Before Choosing a Fire Assembly Sign

Things to Know Before Choosing a Fire Assembly Sign

Any workplace or public buildings need to have safety signage to help keep people safe. However, there are some things to know before choosing a fire assembly sign – what should it look like, how big should it be? You want to make sure that your sign is suitable for the location, but what does that entail, exactly?

Lasting Impressions offers a range of products, including EC-directive fire exit signs and fire safety signs, to ensure that your property has all the signage it needs. To learn about all the things that you should know before you choose a fire assembly sign, keep reading.  

About Fire Assembly Signs

Employers and employees have responsibilities to create a safe workplace. This means that the appropriate steps must be taken to ensure that the likelihood of dangers and accidents are managed. From following hazard construction signs to letting employers or higher-ups know when there are issues that should be seen to.  

Fire safety signs are needed in every commercial building and property. Workplaces need this signage to keep employees safe, and public areas need them to keep the public safe if the worst were to happen. 

Depending on the material used, safety signs should last anywhere between 3–7 years. This can vary depending on how well the signs are maintained and where they are placed, as well as weather conditions and all kinds of other variables to bear in mind. You should check your signs frequently to make sure that they are still suitable for use, and replace them if they are not. 

Not only the signage, but fire fighting equipment needs to be ready for use at all times. This means that fire extinguisher inspections should be carried out annually and fire assembly points should be clearly marked and made known. 

Where Should Fire Assembly Signs be Placed?

Things to Know Before Choosing a Fire Assembly Sign

The right safety sign placement is crucial – your signs need to be visible to everyone so that they can be of use. This means that you need to pick the perfect location as well as place the sign at the correct height for people to see from a distance. 

A fire assembly sign should be where the fire assembly point is. It should be elevated on a pole or another structure similar to showcase the location. It’s crucial for the sign to be away from the buildings, as gathering near the buildings if they are on fire will only lead to more panic and danger. 

There should also be ‘in case of fire, your assembly point is ____’ signs around the building. This will let people know where their assembly point is. In some cases, you may also need a visitor fire assembly point, but this will depend on your location and/or business. 

The fire assembly point itself should be somewhere open and wide, like an outdoor sports court or in a field. For businesses with lots of employees, it may even be necessary to have two or more fire assembly points so that there is no overcrowding. 

In the event that more than one assembly point has been decided, it’s imperative for people to know which one to go to – whether they are divided by building, department, or another way. Drills should be carried out frequently to ensure that everyone knows the routine and knows where to go. 

Things to Know Before Choosing a Fire Assembly Sign

Before you get one, there are some things to know before choosing a fire assembly sign. This includes how large you need it to be, the appropriate layout, and how many you will need for a workplace or another location. 

As we briefly mentioned, there are some options when it comes to information on your fire assembly point sign:

  • Staff fire assembly point signs
  • Visitor fire assembly point signs 
  • General fire assembly point signs

Additionally, you need to know the type of sign that you want, depending on where it will be displayed:

  • Rigid signs (plastic or metal) – these signs tend to be longer lasting and less prone to damage from the elements and people
  • Self-adhesive vinyl signs – these signs might be quicker and easier to put up, but they don’t do very well in humid conditions, and are prone to peeling even when people steer clear of it

What Should a Fire Assembly Sign Look Like?

According to The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), your fire assembly signs need to be at least 20 cm high so that it is large enough to easily be seen from a distance. In some cases, you may want to opt for a larger sign, but this will be down to you and what you think is necessary.   

All safety signs need to be made from a reflective material so that it is easily visible, even in low light and during the night. These signs need to be green and white writing. Fire assembly point signs show the shape of people with four arrows pointed at them from the four corners.

There are different layout options to choose from, but all fire assembly point signs are white on green, and are rectangular – either portrait or landscape. 

Get it From a Trusted Supplier

When looking for signage – whether it’s safety signs or anything else – you should always aim to get it from a trusted supplier. This is doubly important when it comes to things like fire safety, as there are specific requirements that need to be met in order for the sign to be legal. 

It might be cheaper to get signs from alternative suppliers, but if they are not correctly made, it can result in injury or the loss of life. By getting your signage from suppliers like us, you know that they will do their job, and save people in the process should the worst ever happen. 

Other Crucial Fire Safety Signage

Things to Know Before Choosing a Fire Assembly Sign

There are four main types of safety signs, and fire signs are among the most important – but which fire safety signs do you need? The types of signage that any given workplace needs will vary from place to place. 

For example, a construction site will have different safety signs compared to a commercial kitchen. In the end, it’s up to the employer to carry out a risk assessment and see which signs are appropriate. 

Not only that, but additional safety signage and information is not only beneficial, but legally required. A key piece of safety information to remember is the health and safety law poster, which every workplace needs to display. 

We know that signs can be confusing, especially when it comes to fire extinguishers. Our guide to fire extinguisher safety signs can help you get a better understanding of which equipment you should use and when. 

Let Us Make a Lasting Impression

At Lasting Impressions, we offer government-compliant signage that will make an impact. From our workplace catering safety signs to our fire safety signs and beyond, we want to help you and others stay safe at work and in life. 

For more information, why not visit our about us section and read over our latest news? If you want to find out more about our signs, shipping costs, returns, and privacy policy information, we would love to hear from you. 

We also have a selection of guides to help you navigate the world of safety signage, including blogs on understanding fire extinguisher safety signs, how to add proper signage to your equipment, and even creating a fire escape plan for your workplace.

Now that you’ve read our ‘things to know before choosing a fire assembly sign’, hopefully you feel more confident about picking the right sign. If you don’t, why not get in touch?