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What Signs Are Needed in a Commercial Kitchen

What Signs Are Needed in a Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are full of hazards. This means that the need for proper signage is crucial if you want to protect employees and keep your business running. 

However, the signs that you might find in a commercial kitchen don’t only relate to burns and sharp objects, but food hygiene, too. The question is – what signs are needed in a commercial kitchen – and why? 

We will go through what you need to know, so you can be better informed about running a commercial kitchen. 

What is Meant by Kitchen Signage?

Simply put, kitchen signage refers to all the signs that you might find within a commercial kitchen. Common examples include signs regarding temperature, washing hands, and danger signs. Depending on what hazards the kitchen may include, the proper signage should always be displayed. 

What Classifies as a Commercial Kitchen?

What Signs Are Needed in a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is simply a kitchen that has been designed to be used for any kind of commercial use. These kitchens tend to have features and equipment that you would not tend to find in a regular domestic kitchen, such as modular kitchens, commercial fryers, contact grills, and more. 

With more equipment and features, and more people using them, commercial kitchens are at higher risk of accidents. Because of this, having the correct signage is of the utmost importance in these spaces, and can help to keep everyone safe. 

Commercial Kitchen Rules UK

There are plenty of rules and regulations that you need to be aware of when it comes to commercial kitchens. After all, it’s not just the employees that you need to look out for, but the customers as well. 

In the UK, we have strict regulations to help keep our commercial kitchens safe, with three of the most important being the following:

Why Are Signs Important in a Commercial Kitchen?

Signs are incredibly important in commercial kitchens because it helps to keep employees (and anyone who might be passing by) safe. Since kitchens are naturally full of dangers, it can be easy to overlook a number of them, so reminders are always a good idea. 

With that being said, slapping up a few relevant signs isn’t the end of it. In addition to the proper signage, commercial kitchens should have staff that are properly trained (including at least one appointed member of staff who has received some medical training), proper hygiene practices, and appropriate facilities/equipment to work with. 

Maintenance needs to be carried out regularly, and kitchen equipment should be checked for faults on a schedule. Any food and chemicals that are stored in the area need to be in the appropriate place and under the right conditions.

What Signs Are Needed in a Commercial Kitchen UK?

IMAGE: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/warning-safety-label-very-hot-water-2152319503 

Although most signage is not necessarily a legal requirement in kitchens, it is always recommended to follow the guidelines given by the government. As the guidance is somewhat vague, suggesting that safety signs and signals should be put where necessary. This leaves a lot of room for you to decide what is and what is not necessary. 

However, we can offer some help in regard to this. In commercial kitchens, you should always find these kinds of signs to make the area safer:

Depending on the kitchen and the risks within it, additional signage might be needed. In order to determine this, employers should carry out a risk assessment and see which other signs may be appropriate. 

Hygiene Signs

There are many different hygiene and information signs that you might need in your kitchen, depending on what you serve. Common hygiene signs include things relating to raw meat areas, fish-only areas, covering food, no smoking, or even storage instructions. 

These will help people to follow the food hygiene rules and keep the kitchen safe for both employees and customers alike. The majority of these signs help to prevent cross-contamination, and are key to a healthy kitchen. 

General Safety Signage

General and workplace safety signage might include things like hot or cold surfaces, locks, and tripping hazards. Since all of these are common issues in commercial kitchens, it helps to have warnings and useful information at-hand. 

It’s crucial to have signs in the relevant places – such as a “warning – hot surface!” sign above an oven or stovetop. This will prevent people from accidentally leaning on the area, and thus preventing injury. 

Catering Health and Safety Signs

Catering health and safety signs can vary, but might include signs relating to cleaning spillages, cleaning as you go, or covering food. 

It may be a good idea to have signs related to allergies and intolerances both within kitchens and in dining areas of restaurants. These all help the kitchen to run smoothly, and allow food hygiene rules to be followed.

Other Signage Required in Commercial Kitchens

It’s important to remember that any and all commercial buildings need to have the correct fire safety signs and first aid posters, too. These are legally required, and there can be impressive fines for businesses that do not comply. 

The reason for these things being so important is all about the safety of employees and the public. Appropriate measures need to be taken in order to keep people safe and have a working environment where risks are minimised. 

What the correct signage is can be different depending on the workplace. For example, construction site signs will be all over building projects, and you may not see them elsewhere. In order to know what signage your work needs, an assessment needs to be carried out. 

Where Should Signs in a Commercial Kitchen be Displayed?

Generally, you should display your kitchen signage in a place that is appropriate for what it is. For example, a sign warning employees of hot surfaces should be near ovens, grills, oil, and stovetops. Signs regarding proper chopping board use should be displayed near the chopping boards and food that you will need to cut up. 

There are no hard and fast rules, and employers will need to use logic and common sense – or get the help of a professional. In either case, signs should always be somewhere appropriate and visible. 

What Signs Are Needed in a Commercial Kitchen: The Takeaway

What Signs Are Needed in a Commercial Kitchen

Signage in commercial kitchens isn’t something that should ever be overlooked, no matter the type of kitchen you’re running. No matter the kitchen, there are always hazards, and you need to do all you can to minimise the risk. 

Looking for the proper signage now that you know what signs are needed in a commercial kitchen? Why not contact us to find out more information, and put an order together for your own signs. By getting the correct signs and displaying them in all the right areas, you’re helping not only yourself stay safe, but your employees and customers.

If you found this useful, you can find out more about us and the various signs we have to offer to help your commercial kitchen function safely. You can also follow our latest news and learn about our privacy policies, shipping costs, and all information regarding returns in accordance with our terms and conditions if you wish to order from us.